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Alumni Spotlight: Cole Kalkbrenner

Cole Kalkbrenner transitioned from wakeboarding to 3-event skiing at Missouri State University, and he never looked back. Growing up wakeboarding, the transition to 3-event skiing was a natural one.  Cole and several of his friends had the resources to start a 3-event team at Missouri State, so they did just that in 2003. While jump and […]

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Midwestern Region 2018 Schedule

The NCWSA Midwestern Region 2018 schedule is full! The region will add 8 weekends on top of the 2 national tournament weekends, and 16 tournaments are spread across those 8 weekends! Here is the projected schedule for the NCWSA’s Midwestern Region in 2018: Spring April 14-15, 2018 Purdue Spring Fest Swerve Watersports Center, Hillsboro, Tennessee […]

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Texas A&M Water Ski - 2018 Boat Sale

Texas A&M Team Boat For Sale!

Every week we release a digest of team news, announcements, or updates that have been sent our way to help spread amazing news of our teams from across the nation! Did you and your team miss out this week? Check the submission guide and submit your news for next week! Texas A&M Water Ski Team’s Boat is For Sale! The Texas […]

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NCWSA Eastern Vice Chair 2018 Introduction: Glenn Barnes

Introducing Your New NCWSA Eastern Region Vice Chair: Glenn Barnes

A few weeks ago the NCWSA Eastern Region held a winter meeting and it held regional board elections. We are proud to have Glenn Barnes join us on the NCWSA Board of Directors as Eastern Region Vice Chair. Let’s get to know about the new Vice Chair of the Eastern Region. Glenn Barnes Who are […]

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MCWSA Winter Conference 2018 - Meet the Pros

MCWSA Winter Conference 2018: Meet the Pros

Team Midwest’s 21st Winter Conference starts this evening in Kalamazoo, Michigan as Western Michigan University hosts the 2018 event. Skiers from around the region, and possibly some from other regions will travel great distances to participate in the Midwest’s unique Winter Conference. Over the past two weeks the Midwest has announced the pros in attendance […]

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